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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today Show hosts show us just how brain dead they really are!

I rarely watch TV news programs, and this is why. Listen to TV host Donny Deutsch who, together with Today Show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, comment with there amazing insight on Men over 30 that play video games. Also see my comments below that posted as a result of watching this clip. This is what our social media class in this country has come to. A bunch of babbling talking heads with a national value of ZERO! 

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Comments I posted on

I'm 47. Twelve years ago the Sept 11th attacks destoryed my entire economic life. I lost my house, my lucrative position as DM for a huge furniture chain because the company went bakrupt, and all my investments went into the dumps. I reinvented my life as a graduate student, CG animator, and deisigner. I make a living creating book trailers and doing magazine layout and design all ispired from, you guessed it, VIDEO GAMES. I find the level of realism and entertainment value involved in playing VIDEO GAMES like Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and others to be extremly healthy, entertaining, and inspirational for what I do. It's also a great release from the grueling non-stop acedemia blur. From the fictional book trailers I create for my authors to the 3d content I provide in the magazines and book covers I design are all inspired by VIDEO GAMES. And I make money doing it. What about all those that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing game walkthroughs. They quit their day jobs. You know why? Because the fluffy no-brained crap most of the world is living is suddenly lost it's appeal. What a useless waste of words and life these hosts exhibit, to sit around and sensationalize worthless dribble an TV. What they need to do is create a video game that allows the user to bloww up pompous, worthless, bar-hopping, pill-popping, look-at-me-I'm-so-socially-cool, news copulators and celebrities, talking heads like these. No I'm not advocating harming people. But lets face it, if a gamer can reel in 485,000,000 views, how many viewers did these idiots lose for their networks. This video is viral with some very heated comments in the gaming forums. I say get back to the bar and never leave, go suck down some more gin and tonics because your viewing public isn't impressed with your silly banter. I personally think such commentary is a joke. In this case three laughable jokes that tell us just how rediculous our media world has become. In the words of Peter Schilling, "One Nation Under Disney Land."

-Cyrus Out!

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