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Friday, September 25, 2009

Horror Publishers

Domestic Publishers

This list includes the US book publishers I found that handle Horror. Though they all have their specific areas of preference, some wider than others, they are large publishers and list themselves as handling fiction in many genres including horror. A good percentage of them handle new, unagented authors. The only one listed that only takes agented authors is Kensington, I think.

All the publishers I have listed, including the small press publishers, are conventional publishers. They are not subsidy publishers. You will never be asked to spend any of your own money on print, advertising, marketing, etc. (If any of them do, I need to know about it because I am supposed to report them. The listing these came from, lists only publishers that are not subsidy publishers. Report to ) Some pay advances, some pay just royalties, some pay royalties way above the typical 15% retail.

Depending on how patient you can be, be wary of turnaround times. Some of these respond to queries in a month, some in six months. Some publish within three months after acceptance, some as much as two years conventionally.

1. Arche Books Publishing
2. Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.,
3. Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc. (Though they say horror, they look to mostly publish romantic. Got any romantic horror novels???)
4. The Invisible College Press.
5. Kensington Publishing Co.,
6. Leisure Books
7. New American Library
8. Raven Hawk™ Books
9. Teacher Curriculum, LLC.
10. Torquere Press
11. Vivisphere Publishing
12. Windriver Publishing, Inc.

Canadian Publishers

1. Kunati, Inc.
2. Loon in Balloon, Inc.

Small Press

The small press listings are many, but I would use them as a last resort. They publish far less titles per year and do not have the marketing abilities of the larger publishers.

1. The Market List This is a good resource for genre writers and they seem to have a focus on Horror fiction.
2. Arjuna Library Press
3. Contemporary Press
(original form pulp fiction!)
4. Elder Signs Press, Inc. (royalties, outright purchases, advances.)
5. Denis Kitchen Publishing Co., LLC. ($1-5,000 advances)
6. Leocrota Press (stakes a lot on style and attitude)
7. Ooligan Press
8. Top Publications, Ltd. (prefers books that appeal to a large mainstream audience)
9. Wolf Pirate Publishing
This one is interesting, their recent titles include: The Unforgiven, The Lady of The Lake, and The Serpent and the Saul.

Last but not necessarily least,

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