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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Damnation Books

Hello Dearest readers,

Today the first day of September, marks the launch of Damnation Books.

Co-founder, senior editor, and CEO of Damnation Books, Kim Richards, has announced that during the launch of this extraordinary eBook publisher, that the books they are offering are to start out at variable pricing. If you are among the early birds and order now, you will get some of the best new names in the genre for just pennies. Yes, I said pennies! I placed my order already for the first short story and got it absolutely free. Every time someone orders a title the price goes up, so, it's important to check them out right away. Titles such as the long anticipated Novella, Mark Edward Hall's The Haunting of Sam Cabot and Apartment 14f: An Oriental Ghost Story by Christian Saunders, are among the many titles selected for their launch. Sizes range from short stories to full fledged novels.

Visit them at

You won't be disappointed.


Cyrus Wraith Walker

Donations Accepted