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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wraith Watch: Mark Edward Hall (A Master of Horror)

Spotlight On Mark Edward Hall

Mark Edward Hall is a premier novelist and short story teller. His most recent story, "The Fear," was picked up by Triskaideka Books, for their Master's of Horror: The Anthology, released Jan, 2011.  The story is also offered on Kindle and in an audio book form, read by Danny Davies.

His first published novel, The Lost Village, gained recommendation for a Bram Stoker award and was nominated for the small press Tombstone award. It was re-issued by Damnation Books and is available in trade paperback and for the first time, as a Kindle download. His stories range from good old horror fiction with substance, to supernatural and psychological thrillers.
Previously, Damnation Books published a novella by mark titled, "The Haunting of Sam Cabot," published, Sept 1, 2009. The ninety-eight paged novella tells a story of Sam Cabot who move off the grid in order to live the quiet life with his Wife and young son. Little does he know that he will soon spend his summer living with dead things.  
Mark was first published in 1995, his short story, "Wasps," later was re-titled, "Bugshot," after its first appearance in Raven's Tale magazine. After that it appeared several more times in various publications before finding its way into Mark’s new collection, "Servants of Darkness." He has written 5 novels plus about 30 short stories, several novellas, and is quickly establishing himself in the conventional small press publishing arena.

Born in Brunswick, Maine, in 1948, Mark still lives in Maine with his wife Sheila. He attended school in Durham, Maine, with Stephen King and Chris Chesley. He is a talented songwriter, and loves anything macabre. 

Though he made the decision to be a novelist at the age of 18, the Vietnam War sidetracked Mark, as did other career endeavors. He may not have started at the same time as his fellow school chums, but the psychological and supernatural impact of his novels and novellas are befitting for this new period, in which critics take Horror fiction is more seriously. Mark is a serious writer, for a serious age.

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