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Friday, January 8, 2010

Painter's Green to be published

Category: Writing and Poetry
Hi all

"You've got mail," the voice said. It was coming form the basement.

"Who's there?" I called grabbing my steely Psycho-prop knife before daring to venture int the dark underbelly to see who the intruder was.

As I approached the final run, the voice spoke once more, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" I nearly stabbed my computer.

The message had rolled in the night before, and my computer was turned off for the evening. Yet there it was blinking and speaking to me, daring me to check the mail.

So ... I did.

The e-mail was from Kim Richards of Damnation Books announcing that they were sending me a contract and wanted to publish my supernatural horror novella, Painter's Green. Here I thought a demon had possessed my computer and that it was intending on swallowing my soul but relief, and then YAHOOOOOOO! I guess it took a few moments to sink in. You understand it was 3AM.

Anyway enough of that dribble before you begin to hate me. Painter's Green is scheduled to be released in June. See Damnation Books in may to see my title on the new release list. Please visit them sooner, they have a wonderful backlist of terrifying novels you can order in either electronic format from the damnation site or in hard copy from Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.

The following is the blurb I chose to be on the back of the book, and select excerpts.


Terry Painter is more than worried as he watches his town slowly die. He has to reach farther and farther to keep the family business, The Brushville Paint Contractors, afloat. In an attempt to clean out his shop and compile information that would allow him to start the only paint store for miles around, he stumbles onto something remarkable. A special blend of paint his father created called Painter’s Green.

At first, it all seems so ridiculous, that his old man actually thought of getting rich off a special color of paint. However, a little curiosity leads him to discover that not only does Painter’s Green replenish itself, but also it causes whatever and wherever it’s applied to flourish after just one single coat. Is it some kind of blessing from above? At first, that is what Terry thinks. That is, until he is called to paint the local funeral home.

To Be Released June, 2010
By Damnation Books

“This here’s a special paint, son,” he had said, “Ma own special mix of blue, yeller and a particular, uh . . . ingredient grey . . .
. . . After a watch-pot-ten, and a lot of strain holding the mixer in place, the substances mixed into a rich, thick, almost glowing shade of the most mesmerizing color I had ever seen . . .
. . . The old dead plant’s were gone and replaced by thriving mammoth almost pre-historic growths. A thought crossed my mind, a crazy thought, a thought you wouldn’t repeat in the presence of sound company. What if it’s the paint? . . .
. . . “Two thirds of the damn towns gone crazy! Their killing each other over that damn can. Ya even got that big galoot that was with Jennifer runnin’ round out there, breakin’ heads for that stuff. What the Sam hell you got in that can?” . . .

I hope you enjoyed this little taste, and will enjoy the book as well. I will keep you informed as to the progress.
-Cyrus Wraith Walker

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